Bringing the BIG HAY!!!

Mr. Manning showed up at my house today just as Teddy came in with boxes to pack up and move his things into Morgan’s Dad’s house (they’ve decided to stop going back/forth now) and just as I was going out the door to get Sahara from band. He was ready to bring the big round hay bales!


Look closely.  That’s a tractor delivering the hay!

Bessie already was tied out due to getting out of the fence this morning, and Kristen’s Mom said she could bring Sahara home so I went down to the field to wait on the hay.

I didn’t have to wait long!


The pictures are horrible.  The sun was going down, and I stood in the wrong spot to take photos!!!


Ted walked Bessie back down the hill.


Gramma came up to say hello.


They’re thrilled with it! Mr. Manning sold me two bales plus a hay ring.


Bessie sported a new hairdo pretty fast. LOL

We got to talking, and I told him I’d love to learn everything he knows about cattle. He’s been doing this for years.

He told me to come see him when school’s out in June!   🙂

I can’t WAIT until summer vacation! !!

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