Top 10 Posts of 2014 for Striving Acres

WordPress sent me a report today with all kinds of information for my blog today.  I was AMAZED at what I found on there.

For instance, I have readers in 11 countries.  ELEVEN COUNTRIES!!!  Wow!!!  The top three countries for the past year reading my blog about my little farm were the United States, New Zealand, and Japan.  There are readers in eight other countries, too, though.  I admit it.  My chest is puffed out a little, and I feel like a “real writer”.  LOL

The report had lots of other neat little info in it, and my top post had over 300 views!!!  That got me thinking about the top ten posts for my blog in 2014 so I looked through the site stats and found them.

Here’s a little blast from the past; maybe YOUR favorite post is in here!

What was your favorite Striving Acres post in 2014?  Leave that in the comments below!


Local Business Spotlight – Homestead Market (September 2014)

My Chili Recipe (August 2014)

Local Farmer Spotlight – Way Farms (August 2014)

Canning Green Beans (July 2014)

Local Business Spotlight – Jackson Flowers and Gifts (November 2014)

Why I Do This (early 2014)

Look What I Found At The Farmers’ Market – Janet Martin Pottery (July 2014)

Spilling the Beans (December 2014)

Fresh Flowers, Anyone? (September 2014)

Sad Little House (April 2014)

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