On furlough

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous here! We spent almost four hours outside doing little chores that built up over the winter.


The chickens got to head into the paddock for the day. Since we can’t contain Bessie there anymore (she just goes right through or over the fence), we were thinking of moving the chickens there to freerange (and putting a tiny coop there) but keep them protected from dogs and foxes. It’s not going to work; they can fly out because the fence is short. It will be the garden instead, and I’ll fence around back with five or six foot fencing instead. 


Those chickens all had such a great time in the paddock though! They scratched and turned over a lot of the wood chip pile which will be great for my garden in there.


Ted and I cleaned shelves in the garage and put about six dozen jars on them, tossed the old feedbags from the coop, and fixed a few spots of fencing on the paddock. 


We were all on furlough outside today in the warm wonderful sunshine!


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