Rising water

The snow is beautiful, but when it melts, this is what happens…


Then add in two days of rain last week, and this is what happens…


See the edge of the road near the bottom of the photo? The water from the pond in the background was almost over the road and bridge.


This was the neighbor’s yard on day two of the rain. It’s the second closest I’ve ever seen it to actually being in his house, but it didn’t get there.

Luckily, our road, bridge, and driveway bridge didn’t wash out from the high water! We also didn’t get trapped.

Remember, never cross ANY water running across a road/bridge. You can’t know how fast it’s moving, and moving water can sweep a car off the road quickly.  Moving water can also quickly erode and break away bridges and pieces of the road, and you won’t even know it’s gone.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to any moving water.

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