We finally did it!!!

We are getting older. Stuff we could do when we were 25 without batting an eye is a lot harder at 43 and almost 44, and it’s just going to get even harder as we age.  It’s been clear for a long time that our little farm needs a tractor. The budget just wasn’t as clear on how we could swing it.

We’ve spent months looking for the right size, right shape, and right price.  Ted wanted a certain horsepower and 4wd. I wanted an independent PTO and a Ford.  We found one, finally, with three of our four requirements.

We saw it this past Saturday on the way back from the flea market. We stopped and looked, but the shop was closing so it was a quick walk through and eyeballing it from afar.  We got the website from the owner and looked a little at it Sunday.

Monday was spent crunching numbers and crunching a little more.  It was doable.

And I got home from state testing today, and I got to see this:


I haven’t driven it yet, but I definitely plan to do so!  Ted moved the hay ring and round bales where they needed to go this evening.


Our next big jobs on the farm entail clearing land and fencing pasture. This should make that a lot easier!!!


I am still a Ford girl through and through, but Ted rationalized it to me that New Holland and Ford work together or one bought the other or something like that.


                 I can work with that.


See this picture? That’s our new (to us) tractor and our big beautiful barn!!!!  That’s our lush green grass soon to be fenced for our cattle!


Sometimes I have to physically restrain myself from squealing and jumping up and down! THIS IS ALL REAL!!!!!  My farm dream is really happening!!!

PS My husband is THE BEST husband in the world. He’s really getting into this now, and he’s even talking about adding another cow to our little herd this fall!!!

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