Gift wrap station

I have tried multiple ways to store gift wrap over the years: on curtain rods mounted on a closet wall, in a plastic bag under the bed, in a shoe organizer on the back of the bedroom door, in a trashcan in the closet, etc. None of those ways satisfied me; somehow I always wound up with ripped or wrinkled wrapping paper, and the tissue paper just didn’t hold up well unless it was stored flat, and the gift bags were a nightmare. That all changed when I set up my new craft room!

Introducing: the gift wrap station

My youngest daughter had this vintage dresser that she didn’t want any more when she moved rooms, so I decided to use this dresser in my new craft room for gift wrapping. It’s perfect for it!

The top left small drawer holds tape, scissors, markers/pens of all sorts, small tissue paper for tiny gift bags, chalkboard labels, curly ribbon spools, and pipe cleaners.

The top right small drawer holds all my fabric ribbon rolls.

The middle drawer holds all my gift wrap rolls.

The bottom drawer holds a small box containing tags and small bits of curly ribbon, tissue paper for big gifts,

gift bag stuffings (Easter grass, foil strands, etc), and gift bags of all sizes.

When I wrap any gift, I have everything in one spot in my gift wrap station, and I have my great-grandma’s granite top canning table to the side of it which is where I wrap the gifts. It’s the perfect set-up for me! I’m so happy that I finally found something that works so well. Even my husband used it last week while wrapping my gifts for Christmas and found all the needed supplies easily.

If you have room, I highly recommend putting together a gift wrap station like this. It could be in any room, and when it’s closed up, no one would be any the wiser!

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