The great escape

The neighbor called last night to say. “You probably already know this, but your cow and steer and goat are all out and running loose down here.”

! !!!!

NO! I did NOT know that!!!

I grabbed my boots, yelled at Sahara to watch Jake, and ran out the back door. I ran into Ted coming in as I was going out and told him. You can imagine his reaction. He was about thirty feet behind me though. I’m pretty sure he didn’t know I could still go that fast.


I could see them in the fork of the driveway, eating the thick lush grass growing there.  I yelled back for Ted to get feed and come back.


Beef noticed me almost immediately.  I’ve never been near him without a gate or fence or trailer between us. I didn’t even think twice. I held out my hands and showed him, “I don’t have any treats.” He sniffed me and went back down to the grass.

Then Ted came back, and he DID have something, and Beef DID notice that. I made Ted back up the driveway, walking, and I opened the gate and went inside with it propped open. My idea was to trick them with the big empty feed bucket. That worked for all of two seconds. Evidently they have better sniffers than I thought. Ted came down, and Beef basically harassed him until Ted just dropped the bucket of feed outside the fence.

Insert a very big sigh here from both of us.


Ted got more feed, and we got them inside the pasture. I thought I found where they got out (the fence was pushed down a little) so Ted went back home to get fence posts and tools….and Beef went up the pasture to “his” corner….and then he was just OUT again!


He’d pushed through the fence earlier, and it was wide open up there. I hurried up the hill, beating Bessie by a hair (ha ha!!!), and blocked her exit until Ted got back.


Five t-posts later, the fence was fixed and braced. Beef moseyed around Gramma’s yard, eating grass, sniffing the dogs, and coming over to check us out every so often. He really wanted over to Ted. He loves Ted…or thinks Ted always has food and treats. I firmly suspect the latter and that Ted’s been giving him treats every time he stops to see him.


Bessie, the Curious Cow

I took it upon myself to get him back in. That was easier said than done. Bessie wanted out, and every time Beef got near the gate, he’d stop juuusssst far enough out of it that I couldn’t bump his butt with the gate and get him in there. I had the empty feed bucket, and he wanted to see what was in it….but Bessie had to be tricked into staying in there.

Next thing I knew, I was getting bumped on the back, and Ted was yelling from the other corner. Bessie stood on her hind legs and….and I don’t know what she was doing. She didn’t kick or hit me with her hooves. She didn’t hurt me at all.  She just sort of put her flat shins on me and her head on me as she came back down and pushed. She didn’t even push hard.  Beef backed off immediately  though and wouldn’t come back around me, even after I went back out of the pasture. I’m not sure if she thought she was protecting me or if I put myself in between her and what she thought was food.

Anyway, Ted went home and got ANOTHER bucket of feed, came back through the woods up the hill, and I held the gate open for Beef. When he saw Bessie going for the feed, he went straight behind her. I locked the gate; that was that.

What a night. At least we learned Beef doesnt charge people. He was very calm the whole time (he was happy at his all he could eat buffet).

Now I’m home and bathed and tuckered out, and I looked down, and guess what? After all that, my Jamberry nails still look pretty awesome. LOL


Hey…farm girls can wrangle cattle, too, but we still look like ladies doing it evidently!

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