New pasture


This past Sunday, we decided to move the cattle. The ground was just too wet where they were, and it just didn’t have enough space for them. Ted was moving the fence a little everyday, but they were clipping the grass almost to the ground.


We got them to move away from the bottom portion of the electric fence and closed a section off. Ted unplugged the charger, and we soon realized Beef and Bessie didn’t know it was off. Ted gathered up the step in posts and started putting up the fence on about half an acre across the driveway.


I realized if I moved the unplugged fence posts one at a time, the cattle thought it was still on and moved forward to avoid it. I could actually herd them quite easily!  While he put up the new fence, I moved them slowly, foot by foot, toward the new area.


They are awesome lawn mowers! Can you see the difference in the grass heights here?


Finally, we got them over there, and they LOVE IT! They’re so happy to have a big space again so they can run and kick around, and it’s filled with gorgeous green grass to fill their tummies and big trees perfect for scratching with their horns.


            It was a really good day!

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