Buried treasure (for us!)

I came home the other night, and Ted was so excited. He was watering the cattle when he noticed something sticking up out of the weeds near Grampa Eddie’s old garage. He said he kept looking at it and decided to dig it out.  Literally – once he started digging, part of it was underground in the clay silt by about a foot.

He found a pig pole (also called a boom lift, I think) with a three point hitch!

He offered to buy it from Gramma Izzie, but she wouldn’t take anything for it.


He’s thrilled to have something else for his tractor.  He spent this evening sandblasting and grinding some of the rust off of it. He plans to paint it this weekend if it doesn’t rain.


He’s like a kid with a new toy. It makes me smile every time I see him doing these things because I know he’s truly enjoying himself on our farm!

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