Back to school

Back to school time is always so busy for me for several reasons.

I teach online so my school starts back the beginning of August. It’s too soon; it’s right in the middle of canning season for me which yanks that to a screeching halt five days a week (and then I play catch up on the weekends).


Sahara goes to school (high school this year!!!) and has band camp for three weeks before she heads into a classroom. She is doing PSEO half a day which means she takes some college classes at a local college and receives both high school and college credit for them. She’s really excited to do all of this.

Jake is homeschooled traditionally which means I have lessons to prep, units to write and gather materials for, and a notification form to deliver to our district office.


I dropped off the notification form today at lunch and have been pulling together unit plans at night. He was too excited about our Lego themed unit to wait until our first official homeschool day (Monday) to dig into this Lego Brickmaster kit that a friend let us borrow.

I have tweaked our work box method (which I used two years ago) and am using a small file box for planning purposes.  I have four hanging folders with five file folders in each one representing one week per hanging folder in a month. I’m planning a month at a time. Reading books, math worksheets, daily writing prompt journal sheets,  and
themed unit daily planning pages go into each daily folder (representing Monday through Friday of each week). This let’s me see quickly what I’m missing for each themed unit and also allows me to split up the unit efficiently for each one to two week period. I’m really liking it so far.

Books that will be used for the week will go in the actual workboxes (1 = Monday,  etc.). This makes dividing up the reading material a fast job.

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