Getting in hay

We still can’t produce our own hay (yet!), so we have to purchase enough to last the winter and supplement in the summer.  I started on it early this summer and lined up two good round bale sources. We will pick up our bales through the summer as the farmers bale in the field.


We picked up three bales Friday evening. Because of the fenders, Dad and Ted rolled off the last bale down the ramps.


Two bales were stored in the barn. The rear bale is old hay kept for bedding. Can you see the difference between old hay and new hay? New hay smells so good, too!


One bale went in with Bessie and Beef. 


If Beef could talk, he’d have been squealing like a little kid at Christmas. 


Beef loves (to tear up!!!) new hay.


Ted put in the hay ring to stop him.


This whole venture (which I thought would take about thirty minutes) took about 90 minutes! Hopefully we will get faster at this!

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