Pond scoop – what a deal!

I ran across a pond scoop on a Facebook group last weekend, and we picked it up Saturday afternoon. It was half the cost of a new one and had only been used three times.  The owner bought a new tractor, and the old implements didn’t fit the new one.


He was a great guy and gave us some good tips.  Ted’s thinking of getting a miniature donkey to keep with the hens and turkeys now; this farmer says they will protect them from pretty much anything, and we’ve noticed the raccoons are getting brave again and coming onto our porch and around the feed cans at night.


Ted and the farmer loaded this  into the minivan, but Ted used the pole to lift it out of the van once we got home. He couldn’t set it off the pole though because it was too tall!


He finally set it on top of two pallets to offload it. That worked!

Now we can scoop up the manure and dump it where we want it (next year’s garden or into trailers for people who want some).  It’s one more thing off the list that we can now do for ourselves!


Jake, of course, was all eyes on Daddy. He’s fascinated with the tractor and the cow (but not the bull LOL).


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