Prepping for next year

My little garden just looks sad this year. I try every year. Lord knows I try. I just do not have a green thumb.

Now give me an animal, and I can get it through most anything and keep it healthy and happy.

I had a spot bulldozed a couple of years ago for a future barn site, but then we found the 10 acres with the barn and bought it instead. Now we have a big open spot at the top of the driveway that is full of Queen Anne’s Lace and Black-eyed Susans. It’s pretty, but not useful, and it has some big bare clay spots in it.


Ted decided to put next year’s garden there so he used the pond scoop to take part of the fertilizer pile (aka manure for those who don’t know) up the hill. He piled it up in the open spot and then used the tractor blade to spread it out.

Hopefully we can find a good used rototiller this summer so he can till it into the soil this fall. Then next summer, we will have a huge honkin’ garden – because he’s decided to do it next year!!! LOL. Let’s hope at least he has a green thumb (because we know it’s not me!)!

That’s okay though. I’d rather cuddle chickens than weed rows any day of the week!

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