Nobody can resist pigs!

When people hear we have pigs, we hear all kinds of things: stories of how they couldn’t ever raise them and then eat them (more on that in another post), stories of how they’re scared of them, stories of how they have a friend of a coworker’s friend’s relative about a farmer who fell in the pig pen and was eaten up, and stories of how they’re sure that the first time they escape from the electric fence that we’ll never want to raise them again.  These are all stories from people who are NOT standing on our farm but are plenty eager to tell us these things at work or school or extracurricular activities or standing in line at the grocery store.

When they come over, it’s a different story…

…because they get to see the pigs and feed the pigs…

…and after just a few minutes, nobody can resist the pigs!

Note: Janeesa and David didn’t have any stories. They were here to visit before their move to Chicago and just wanted to feed the pigs.  Look how happy they were while doing it!  

Farming is hard work, but it’s so good for the soul, folks!

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