Cheap Treats!

​I had to get Jake new shoes after school yesterday and saw a bread outlet so decided to stop and ask about their waste stream. She stopped me halfway through my spiel and told me I could have 200 loaves for eight cents each ($16/200 loaves!).  I was FLOORED!  It was only two minutes of my time, and she told me to call any time I want more.  

I know this isn’t a good food source, but it sure makes great treats for the chickens, and those pigs are in love with me now after getting a loaf to split between the four of them. LOL

Sahara helped me fill the garage refrigerator as full s e could get it, and then she smooshed a bunch down into a barrel for storage. I laughed so hard when I saw what she was doing. Her response: “These are the things you do when you have a crazy Mom who does things like bring home 200 loaves of bread with nowhere to put them!”

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