Pumpkin time!

Once again, we went to Noble Family Farms for a fun day, and once again, I asked the owner what she was going to do with the pumpkins in the field once they closed for the season. Once again, she told me to come back and take as many as we wanted.  A couple of weeks later, Ted and I loaded up the flatbed trailer full of pumpkins from this year! 

There are tons and tons of them. I cannot even believe how many pumpkins we hauled home. There are HUNDREDS!

Jake and Harley had a blast helping us pick pumpkins from the field and loading them into the truck and livestock trailer. Then they had a blast playing on some of the equipment while Ted and I continued to load. 

The owner’s father-in-law used his tractor to pick up two huge boxes of pumpkins and set those in the trailer for us, too. These are the tiny little pie pumpkins that are just delicious , and I will be honest that I went through it when we got home and picked out several to  bake in the slow cooker and turn into pumpkin pie! 

We honestly could have fit more in the trailer, but we were afraid that we were near the weight limit that it could haul safely so we stopped. Thank you, Noble Family Farm! Our pigs, chickens, and cattle love these daily treats!

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