Favorite past time

We’re cleaning the chicken coop right now, and we’re past the physical part I do…

..so I corralled the gang out of the coop into a small area so they would be out from underfoot but still have a birds eye view (Ha!) of all the action.

This is Ted’s fun now (he loves playing with his big toys).

My part is to now keep the dogs away from the wood chipper. Easy enough. Chewey had to be put on a tie out cable because he ran away to Gramma’s, and we had to go find him, and then he wouldn’t stay away from the tractor so I tied him nearby in the shade so he could watch.

Smidge and Puppers noped out of there as soon as they saw the wood chipper. They hate the noise it makes.

DG is the only one who won’t leave his side, but she’s happy to have a spot nearby in the cool sandy area to watch Ted (her favorite person in the world).

I’m enjoying my favorite past time right now!

A little coffee on the porch…surrounded by all the pretty flowers…

…and a free ticket to the gun show…

…just made my day!

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