First day back (so hard)

Dear Gramma,

Today was my first day back for the new school year. I got up, did all the things I do on the first teacher day back, and when I finished, I was so lost. I realize now that you were such an integral part of my daily life and of my routines.

It was our tradition that I’d finish my first day and head down to your house, and you’d have the coffee on and some sort of tasty treat to go with it. We’d sit at your kitchen table, and I’d tell you all about how many students were on my list this year and the exciting lessons I had planned for the students’ first week back and where my field trips would be this year. We would compare my school calendar to Jake’s and Sahara’s school calendars, and you’d help me find good field trip dates; we would plan your doctor visits and lab tests so I could get them on my schedule to make sure I could take you to almost all of them.

We would talk about the farm and how much hay we had put up (and how you never thought it was enough LOL), and you’d insist I needed to get a big heated barn built for the cattle before the first frost. You’d tell me all that the cattle had been up to that day, and then we’d talk about my kids so we were both all up to date.

As I got ready to go, you’d make sure we were sticking to our normal routine of early morning coffee time, and you’d kiss me and hug me and tell me you were proud of me and what I was doing as a teacher.

I didn’t get any of that today, Gramma, and my heart just physically hurts. I miss you so much, and I would give everything I have to have you here because this is so hard to do without you!

It’s yet another of these little firsts without you, Gramma, and I can barely stand it…

I love you, Gramma…I miss you…

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