Jake cooked tonight!

I ran across an online Halloween cookbook written for kids earlier today while searching for books for my second graders, and I just knew Jake would love it. He looked at it in the car on the way to speech, and he chose Mummy Dogs to cook tonight along with mac n cheese and baked beans. While he was at speech, I ran to the store to get the ingredients, and he cooked the Mummy Dogs tonight while I made the side dishes.

The Mummy Dogs are simply hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls (it should have been breadstick dough, but I bought crescent rolls because they were on sale, and I’m cheap LOL). The sauce is mayonnaise and mustard mixed together, and the eyeballs are cut up olives.

I think they turned out pretty cute (and they were tasty, too)!

Jake was really proud of his meal contribution!

He said he wants to cook again tomorrow night, too. I’m definitely on board with help in the kitchen!

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