Genetics in the herd

It is AMAZING how much genetics can carry over from a parent to offspring. Just look at Chip’s two sons!

Son 1 (8 months old)

Son 2 (also 8 months old)

Chip earlier this summer (2 years, 4 months old)

If you notice, both bull calves have no horns. This is because Chip is mostly Murray-Grey mixed with some Angus, and Murray-Grey cattle are naturally polled (meaning no horns). We were told this trait would carry over in every calf he sired. Let’s hope it holds true! We don’t dehorn on our farm, and honestly I much prefer cattle without horns compared to with just because I can’t get gored by them if they get mad. So far, no one has gotten mad in over five years, but if they ever do, at least I know Chip and Tilly (and Chip’s babies) can’t gore me! LOL

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