Smidge got a haircut for her 13th birthday!

I DIY a lot of things and have since way before COVID-19. I’ve homeschooled all of my four kids at one time or another, grown some of our food, canned tomatoes from down on the river and apple pie filling and apple butter from the orchard locally, frozen berries and corn, got my own cow (and am just kicking myself right now that she’s not in milk!!!), raised chickens for meat and eggs, raised our own beef and pork, etc. I used to cut Cooper’s hair all the time because he was such a stinky little dog who loved to roll in the cow pies every chance he got.

Smidge hadn’t had a haircut in MONTHS. The groomer left at the local veterinarian’s office, so my nephew’s girlfriend cut her hair for a while…but then they broke up, and she moved away.

Smidge looked like a little wooly mammoth/werewolf as a result!
This picture doesn’t do justice – her hair was getting matted and tangled.

I shaved her. There’s no cutting just a little bit off of her because her undercoat is like sheep wool!

That’s only half the hair that came off that little dog!

She looks and feels so much better now!

Smidge turned 13 years old this week!
What a cutie!

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