Big news!!!

Guess where I’m standing in this picture?

I’m standing in my new classroom!!! That’s right! I officially have a new job in a new district! I am now a 5th/6th grade intervention specialist in an inclusion setting at a school nearby! I was hired about three weeks into May, but I didn’t want to announce it until I completed my previous teaching year, turned in my letter of resignation to my old school district, etc. That’s all finished now so this is my official announcement, and can I just say that I AM SO EXCITED!

I’ve been working on my classroom a little here and a little there. First, I just have to say that is FANTASTIC! I have used them for quite a while in my old job, and I am using that site more than ever now that I can print and use the offered items.

Cups for individual student supplies – velcro dots here and on the tables keep these from falling over/spilling

Second, I’ve been furiously reading teachers’ blogs to get classroom organization ideas, tips, and tricks. Thats where I saw the cup idea for individual supplies. Since students may not be allowed to share supplies when they come back, I thought this was a great idea because the kids can wipe their own cups down with soapy washcloths at our classroom sink, and if a cup wears out/cracks, I can simply give them another from the pack of 50 that I have in the closet. I found the cups and velcro dots at Dollar General.

Classroom library (I’m in the process of buying and leveling books so the baskets are currently empty) – teal items from Dollar Tree – lantern from Ikea (@ 2017)

Third, I am trying to create a home-like atmosphere for my students in my classroom. None of the kids in the new district know me, and I know that feeling comfortable physically may help ease their discomfort and anxiety of meeting/working with someone new and going back to school after being at home for so long due to COVID-19 restrictions.

With all that said, let me share photos of the things I’ve been doing for/in my new classroom!

Desk area for 1:1 work with students – real plants will fill the empty corner – file cabinet project is not quite finished (drawer fronts need covered)
Birthday board – little cupcakes will be clipped around the sides with students’ names and birthdates – huge party hat will display student name on actual birthday
Students will self-choose one item they are most proud of for the week and showcase it here on these “clotheslines” (drawing, homework, test, essay, ANYTHING THAT FITS) – whatever each one feels fabulous about doing that week!
Tech corner/Makerspace
7 Mindsets/Growth Mindset items space (in progress) – pocket chart from Dollar Tree – magnetic curtain rod from Dollar General (several years ago)
Several ideas for these – going to paint dip the tips so each is different and label with names – from Dollar Tree
Student-owned space for them to set their own individual goals for the month (in progress) – taking ownership of learning helps create critical thinkers and intrinsic motivation!

That’s it for now! I’ll share more throughout the summer as I get the classroom in order.

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