Saved from the mouth of Luci(fer) herself!

I was in my home office just a little bit ago, finishing an end of year parent/teacher conference with a student and parent, when I looked out my office window.  I immediately noticed Luci under the trampoline, murdering playing with something that looked to be larger than a mouse.  I ran outside to see what … Continue reading Saved from the mouth of Luci(fer) herself!

Top 10 Posts of 2014 for Striving Acres

WordPress sent me a report today with all kinds of information for my blog today.  I was AMAZED at what I found on there. For instance, I have readers in 11 countries.  ELEVEN COUNTRIES!!!  Wow!!!  The top three countries for the past year reading my blog about my little farm were the United States, New … Continue reading Top 10 Posts of 2014 for Striving Acres

Local farmer spotlight

This week, I'm spotlighting Uncle Jed's Sweet Heat Mustard Sauce which is made by Jed and Cheryl Kearns. They started making this delicious sauce over five years ago and gave away many jars to both family and friends.  When Cheryl retired to be Nana (grandma), she started wondering if perhaps they could sell it. This … Continue reading Local farmer spotlight

Fresh flowers, anyone?

A new booth popped up at the local Farmers' Market a couple of weeks ago, and it has something that has never been seen there before - buckets and buckets full of gorgeous fresh cut flowers for every room in your home!  Buckeye Community Services is building a business where local developmentally disabled adults can … Continue reading Fresh flowers, anyone?