The Adventures of Flat Stanley (and Jake)

This afternoon, we started reading Flat Stanley. I am a big believer in whole language learning and unit studies so I already had several educational activities pinned for Jake to do. We read chapter 1, and he’s hooked!!!

Flat Stanley goes to see a doctor after the bulletin board squashes him flat. We talked about doctors and some of the equipment they use during check ups. We used a thermometer to take and compare our temperatures.  Here Jake is pretending to be ill.


We discussed that in order to stay healthy, it’s very important to feed your body nutritious real foods that are recognizable (as close to nature as possible). That led to discussing farming and our family’s choice to grow or buy locally from other farmers here who grow organically.


  We printed and colored our own Flat Stanley to send on big adventures in the United States (we will map these on a map on the wall).

We started a poster to plot the storyline and sequence events. We also started a list of adjectives (this was a review of an earlier learned skill).


I realized he didn’t know how to measure with a ruler correctly so we did a worksheet measuring pictures and then measured Flat Stanley (cutout), Jake, and Flat Stanley (from his measurements in the book). Jake played with the ruler off and on all evening measuring the dogs, books, ipad, etc.

He also loved the big paper and drew pictures on it and did a little writing.  He hung it on the front door so Daddy would see it first thing.


I’m so glad I ordered these books. This is going to be such a fun unit study!!! This was just day one!!!


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