Hello again!

I just realized it’s been about three weeks since I last wrote an indepth post on my blog. Three weeks!

What have I been up to for three weeks? I’m glad you asked!

The biggest news is my oldest son, Teddy, married his high school sweetheart, Morgan, on June 12th!


I got to help with planning the wedding and the reception and that kept me super busy after work every night for three weeks!


My poor kitchen table almost broke under all the weight from all the wedding supplies I stacked on it. LOL


The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and the kids make a beautiful couple.  I’m sure they have many happy years ahead of them.


The new couple wants their own place to call home (understandably), but funds are limited as they’re still finishing college so they are turning this little building on our farm into a “tiny home”. The outside was already 85% of the way complete which just left the interior so the floor was replaced and new drywall was hung. Now it’s the final stretch to get a last few things in it so it’s move in ready.


On the farm side of things,  the bulldozing for the barn was finished a couple of weeks ago.

Sadly, a fox has moved into the area and stole a few pullets at dusk before I realized it and started locking everybody back in the barn earlier in the evenings.


The new pasture is fenced. Once the gates are installed an electric (solar powered) line will be run along the top edge, and hopefully I can borrow a small dairy bull so Bessie will have a calf next spring (let the fresh milk start to flow)!

Every new fruit tree we planted last fall died due to the harsh winter we had. Two peach trees, two apple trees, a plum tree, and a cherry tree were all dead. I finally snapped them off this morning. They were brittle twigs. I’ll try again this summer and see if I get better results.

Ted took vacation and we did nothing. It was AWESOME!   I caught up on a couple of tv shows I like (gotta love Netflix for binge series watching), and I read a couple of books on farming I bought this winter, and I did a bunch of freezer cooking to try to use up a bunch of stuff in there to make room for the freezing I plan to do this summer and fall.

Three weeks can pass fairly quickly when you’re busy! It’s time to start writing again though.

I’m back!

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