Bessie’s night out

That was a first. Bessie has acted strange all day. I thought it was heat again. Teddy thought she was lonely. 

She carried on all morning so I walked her at lunch and then tied her out in the side and back yard with fresh cold water. She went from the porch stairs to the sliding glass doors to the back door and just carried on at us.

When Ted went out and put her back in the paddock, she put her big self between him and the gate and wouldn’t let him out. She just kept walking along with him and would steer him back away from getting out by moving that big body sideways so he was being herded away. I called her to me so he could slip out the gate, and she cried and cried in there.

Gramma called a few minutes ago. Bessie was down at her house!!! She was yelling through Gramma’s bedroom window!

We drove down and kept the headlights on the pasture and started calling her name. Gramma had a flashlight in the back yard, and Bessie had been watching it. She came barreling up the yard when she heard me calling her. Ted hooked her collar to her neck and scared the goats away from the gate, and she went in. I thought she was going to lay on top of those goats. She was all over them, rubbing and cooing at them.

She’s in now, and we’re all beat.  I think the bull is going to have to come visit asap! That cow needs some lovin’.

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