Fixing fences

One of the things I recently learned from Bessie is that when you have a cow, you don’t just install a fence and have it forever without any upkeep….you don’t even have it three months past brand new without upkeep!


I noticed about a week ago there were two posts with loose fencing on them; the u nails holding the fence on were just gone.


I walked it last night to check every post, and there were several spots I had to reattach. There’s one spot where I’m going to have to string barbed wire between two posts because she’s really testing the top of that piece (or the Terrible Twosome are trying to walk on top of it again).


I figure this will be a monthly check year round now.


I had help fixing the fence tonight. Jake ran ahead of me pulling on it and yelling back when he found detached areas.  I had the foresight to put a little hammer in my fence fixing bag (I have bags for everything so I can just grab and go!), and he helped me pound some nails in it.


Jake asked on our walk back home, “We’re real farmers now, aren’t we, Mom?”  🙂

I told him we were as real as we could be and would just get better as time goes by because we’re learning so many new things about this everyday!   🙂

2 thoughts on “Fixing fences

    • We use those tie down straps and fasten one end to the saggy part of the fence, and the other end is fastened around a fence post or tree. Then we ratchet it using the little built in ratchet on the tie down strap until the fence feels tight. Leaving that part on, we then repeat it again further down the fence. This gets the section super tight.

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