Never forget


There have been and will be many things said about this day in American history, and it will be said by far more eloquent speakers and written by far more accomplished writers.

No matter where you stand politically, no matter what beliefs you hold, no matter where you lay the blame, remember what happened to our people and how we, as a nation,  pulled together in our grief.

Today, have a little more patience with others around you. Be a little more kind than you normally would to family, friends, and strangers.  Buy a cup of coffee for the serviceman you see today. Take some cookies to the fire department or the police station.

I keep trying to think of a way to end this post. Nothing fits. Nothing I can say conveys the deep sadness I still feel over this tragedy. I wonder every year if this is how older Americans still feel about Pearl Harbor. Teddy and Morgan asked me about 9/11 a few months ago, and I cried while talking about it even though I personally didn’t know anyone who was directly involved in this in any capacity.  Even writing just this little bit, there are tears streaming down my face. 

For those of us born after Vietnam, this is probably the most defining event in our lives. I struggle with this every year as I’m sure many others do, too.

There is no conclusion, no neat way to wrap this up and file it away,  no letting go….and so we say, every year, “Never forget”….but we know we never will.

We just never will.

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