First cow kick ever

Bessie kicked me! She has never kicked me in her life! I didn’t do anything different than what I normally do; I was running my hands over her like I always do everyday so that she’s used to me touching her so I can milk her eventually, and she kicked me and hit my left forearm with her leg (not hoof)! Obviously she did not kick me very hard because I’m still sitting here to tell about it. I was so shocked I even said to Sahara, “Did she really just do that?? Did she kick me or did she just lift her foot?”

Sahara said that Bessie did, indeed, kick me.

I’m shocked.


“I am udderly shocked that you are shocked that I kicked you for touching my udders!” Bessie mumbled through a mouthful of fresh hay.

Again, obviously,  I’m fine, or I couldn’t have written that last line.

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