The elves are back!


Christmas elves have been part of our family’s Christmas traditions since the 70s (wayyyy before that little shelf sitter came along LOL). My Mamma had one who sat in her curio cabinet year round to “report back to Santa”.

I found the little guy with the checkered shirt when my oldest was very little and bought him. I wanted to share that tradition with my own kids.


Every year, Elfie (and now Elfis as well), join us for fun for the month of December.  I play it up and really go overboard with these little elves.  I even have an elf for each of my kids to go to their kids once they start having them, and it’s in the will where these are stored so they each can find them to continue this tradition!


Once the kids get old enough to realize the elves are just for fun, the older kids don’t spoil it for the younger ones. They get involved in moving the elves and hatching nightly adventures for them. Teddy in particular really loved doing this for Sahara when he was about twelve to fourteen. 

For me, it’s a way to share with them every year some memories of my Mamma (mam-maw) Hazel and keep her love of Christmas alive in my heart even though she’s been gone 14 years now.  Christmas at Mamma’s was a big production every year. My parents and aunt and uncle set up and decorated the tree, Santa faces covered the porch lights, poinsettias (sometimes fake and sometimes real) were set here and there, gift wrapping was a whole evening to spend with her (tearing tape when we were little and actually wrapping items for her when we were old enough), cookies were decorated (store bought cookies with store bought icing but it never made it less special!), church services were attended, and electric Christmas candles were set in the windows with red and green bulbs.


Merry Christmas,  Mamma, from me and Elfie and Elfis – without you, my kids wouldn’t have this wonderful part of their childhoods!

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