The wait is over!!!


The Terrible Twosome and Bessie got excited when Ron pulled up. He usually brings them fresh hay.


Bessie waited so patiently. See how sweet she’s being? Then she realized that wasn’t hay in that trailer!  She was a little worried. ..but I guess maybe all brides are when meeting the arranged marriage husband for the first time!


“WHO are you?”  Goat and new hubby were curious about each other…until he saw Bessie.




They circled and sniffed and eventually. ..they shared this little kiss. 


Then they ran around…and then they consummated the marriage.  I’ll spare you the pics but will tell you cow love is a blink and you’ll miss it thing. LOL

If this (or any of the five times I witnessed) takes, there will be a little calf born on or around September 27th!

I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!  This is it!!! Striving Acres Farm has CATTLE! Not one cow – I have two now! I have a barn and 10 acres and the names of timber and excavating companies in my phone so I can get the pasture ready before spring. I have electric fence stuff and a solar charger in my garage. I’m not playing at this anymore, folks. I am grabbing the bull by the horns (figuratively) and making my dream a reality.


PS His name is Beef, and he’s a Jersey.   🙂

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