Crockpot lava cake recipe

For her 15th birthday, Sahara wanted a chocolate lava cake in the crockpot. We found a good recipe – click here – and made sure we had the ingredients. We’ve made a similar cake before that had sour cream in it, and it was very good.

We had our annual birthday tradition of the local Chinese buffet, and we came home and started the cake.  Two hours later….still batter….three hours later…still batter…I sent Ted to the grocery store to buy a bakery cake.


Everybody kept commenting on how delicious the crockpot cake smelled…still batter.  Then I forgot about it and overcooked it ( big sigh). It wasn’t a lava cake, but it did taste like the best fudge brownies ever!  It’s a good recipe. I’m chalking the failure up to this cook’s error!


I can’t believe Sahara is 15 now!!!

I have to edit to add this: I put the crockpot in the fridge so we could eat the cake later. I needed the crockpot to make garlic mashed potatoes so decided to scoop it out into a baking dish. THE BOTTOM WAS FULL OF THE BEST CHOCOLATE PUDDING I’VE EVER TASTED!!! EVER!!!

Mmmmmmmm…remember that if you overcook it!

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