Top 10 Posts of 2014 for Striving Acres

WordPress sent me a report today with all kinds of information for my blog today.  I was AMAZED at what I found on there. For instance, I have readers in 11 countries.  ELEVEN COUNTRIES!!!  Wow!!!  The top three countries for the past year reading my blog about my little farm were the United States, New … Continue reading Top 10 Posts of 2014 for Striving Acres

The wait is over!!!

The Terrible Twosome and Bessie got excited when Ron pulled up. He usually brings them fresh hay. Bessie waited so patiently. See how sweet she's being? Then she realized that wasn't hay in that trailer!  She was a little worried. ..but I guess maybe all brides are when meeting the arranged marriage husband for the … Continue reading The wait is over!!!