Redneck ingenuity

I wish I had pictures from today to share with you. Sadly, I do not. Even if I’d had my phone or camera with me, my two hands were busy and couldn’t have snapped the pics.

Today, my husband figured out how to move a 1,000 pound round bale of hay (we don’t have a tractor yet) about 30 feet into the pasture so I didn’t have to keep using the pitchfork to feed the cattle every morning.  We moved it together using a rope, two cement blocks, two 2×4 boards, and the van (seriously  – minivan marketers are ignoring a whole segment of customers in their advertising because those minivans are little farm workhorses!).

Bessie and Beef were very interested and watched every move we made from just on the other side of the fence. I finally had to tie Bessie about 30 feet away so she didn’t try to get out the gate when we had to take it down she’s got the bale in the pasture . Beef stayed right with her. He is so in love with her! LOL

It took us about 90 minutes, but we got it up the hill and in there. Ted went in (with the bull!) and rolled the hay ring down the pasture like it was a hay rimmed hula hoop! Beef didn’t even look at him. He was busy enjoying the all-he-could-eat buffet we had just set in front of him.

Beef dug his head into the round bale and came out looking like he was wearing a circus clown wig. If I ever write a book, that will be recreated as the book cover photo. LOL

We figured out where the goats were escaping the pasture and fixed it. Hopefully it was the only escape route. HOPEFULLY.

Best part of the day for me – watching Ted out there doing farm stuff in his jeans. These are the kinds of days I LOVE farming. 🙂

Worst part of the day for me – shoving on that hay bale. I am definitely out of shape!

Now excuse me please because we’re both going to go soak our poor sore arms in hot water.

3 thoughts on “Redneck ingenuity

  1. Sounds wonderful and we are totally with you re: van marketers. Ours is used to tow, push, relocate livestock, transport feed (our record: seven haybales, 2 sacks of chaff, 2 of chicken pellets, 1 of wheat, 1 of maxisoy plus driver and passenger) and even occasionally gets the six of us from A to B. Show me the farm truck that can do all that 🙂


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