DIY – Chocolate Syrup


What? Do you mean that your evenings aren’t full of Spongebob reruns like mine are? LOL If you have a little Spongebob addict in your home like I do in mine, you know exactly which episode I quoted above!  If you don’t, I highly suggest that after you make this chocolate syrup, you jump on Netflix or YouTube and find the episode where SpongeBob and Patrick are selling candy bars. Then get out a big bowl of ice cream, top it with this fantastic homemade chocolate syrup, and settle down for 20 minutes of belly splitting guffaws!

This is the best stuff ever (as any of my kids will tell you) – the chocolate syrup AND the Spongebob episode!!!

This recipe only takes about five minutes to make on your stove top, and once again you can avoid all of those nasty preservatives and additives (use Domino’s cane sugar and avoid the GMO beet sugar for this one)! This will keep in your refrigerator for quite a long time (Seriously? We all know it’s going to be gone in a couple of weeks… Don’t lie. We’re all friends here!), and it does thicken up in there so keep that in mind; when you first pour it into the jars, it will look a little runny, but don’t worry! After a few hours in the fridge, it will be just like that famous brand of chocolate syrup which we all love on our ice cream!

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