Scrapbooking alternative

I had an app recommendation pop up in my Facebook feed the week before surgery. If you’ve ever been faced with being put under general anesthesia, you know the thoughts that go through your head…because sometimes, even for just routine surgery, patients go in and don’t come out.  I thought something like this would be nice for my kids to have.


Anyway, I looked at some reviews on My Social Book and ordered it.  It arrived this week. I’m so glad I got it!!! I haven’t scrapbooked since I started teaching full time five years ago, and this is a fantastic alternative; it put all my Facebook posts, pictures, status updates, shared links, and quite a few post comments in chronological order. For a book over 400 pages long, it was $66 shipped.


I’ll be getting these books every year from now on. I’m very pleased with how it looks!

If you don’t have time to scrapbook but wish you did, this is a great easy way to do it!

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