Best chili seasoning ever!

I found this chili seasoning recipe and threw it together in a jar (minus the flour). I browned a pound of hamburger and added it to a pound of cooked (starting from dry that morning) red beans and about a pint jar of tomato juice and two cans of tomatoes with rosemary and garlic.

Delicious!!! It made a thick but versatile chili and three meals from the leftovers.

Dinner 1: chili
Dinner 2: nachos (use the chili instead of taco meat)
Dinner 3: stuffed green peppers (chili mixed with wild rice and plopped inside and baked 30 minutes in the oven)

…and of course chili dogs for lunch!

This was a great make-it-once recipe that extended into other fast and easy meals. I’ve added this seasoning mix recipe to my kitchen binder. It’s a keeper!

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