Poor fishies

I went out on the porch Tuesday to feed the cats and thought the fish pond looked “off”, and then I realized the liner looked lopsided somehow. Ted was already headed home so he got to it within about 45 minutes from the time I noticed it.


The orange part is one of the orange koi…

When the ice and snow melted, it ran down the spout from the roof and somehow right under the pond liner. It pushed the liner lopsided, and because of the ice on top, the fish were pushed up against the ice and died.


We were both so upset. We started that pond with two little koi half the size of my thumb and one goldfish (the cheap $1 kind). They had babies and populated the little pond every year.


Ted busted the ice, and one little fish (a summer baby) flopped around so he pushed it under the water while we tried to decide what to do. He worried bringing it inside to the fish tank would shock it and make it die…so I said to throw the live ones in the swimming pool.


The ice on top of the pool was several inches thick.


It took him a good twenty minutes to pickaxe a hole through it big enough to drop in fish.

He found two live ones. One died before we got it in the pool. One went in and just hung there for a little bit, and then it made it through the hole. Hopefully it makes it all winter. We’ll worry about getting it out of the pool in May. 

We rarely use the pool. My idea is to put a little deck on one side and fill the pool with plants and have a huge fish pond, but he’s not keen on that idea.  I think it would be gorgeous and cost effective: no more pool chemicals!


The big white one died. I was so hopeful it had made it, but it was dead and right against the ice when Ted got the ice chunks split and removed. It was my favorite one of all the fish because it would come right to the top and wait if I tossed in bits of food.


The old orange one died, too.  It had such a gorgeous fan tail.  You can see how big these two were by comparing them to my size 9 boot.

All the little ones died, too, except one that was about the size of a normal goldfish (it’s the one now in the pool).

This is so disappointing. The pond will have to be placed elsewhere this spring, and the old one needs filled in.

I couldn’t help Ted at all because of my wrist. I just stood there and watched. I got him a bowl from the kitchen and the little fish net from the family room. That was the extent of what I could do. 

Poor fishies…what a way to go.

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