Fish time!

Today Ted is catching the fish in our fish pool and transporting them over to the new fish pond in the front yard.

We have fish in our swimming pool because one time when we were on vacation, the house sitter called and said a storm tore up the little fish pond liner and our koi fish were flopping around in the front yard. I told him to throw them into the swimming pool because I hadn’t added any chemicals to it yet that summer.

That winter, the liner in the fish pond pushed up against the ice and killed a bunch of our fish (the ones we had been able to get back out of the pool and into the fixed fish pond). Ted grabbed the live one that was left and threw it into the swimming pool with the others.

They bred, and there are about 50 koi fish in that swimming pool right now. It was our goal to get it cleaned out this summer so we could use it as an actual swimming pool again. We are actually getting it done today!

So far he caught four fish in an hour. They are fast! We are heading to town to try to find a fish net with smaller holes. If that isn’t possible, I’m going to buy pantyhose and fashion one out of a hanger and some duct tape and the pantyhose.

Janeesa showed the pics of Ted in the pool with the net to her coworker in Chicago, and the coworker said, “Oh… wow… that’s aaahhh a different lifestyle than I’m used to.”

Janeesa texted me, “You might be a hillbilly if you spend your Wednesday afternoon scooping fish out of your swimming pool hahahahaha!”

Is it bad that this is just a typical day here on the farm?


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