A weekend of fencing

Ted went down to the pasture at 8 a.m. Sunday morning and tied Bessie out, and then he started fencing again with electric.  This pasture fence had to be run differently because these posts were already set, and woven wire was already in place last summer. This one just needed a wire at the top to keep Beef from jumping over it (once we move him back in there). The trick was the electric wire couldn’t touch the world ends wire, or the entire fence and gate would shock anybody who touched it anywhere.


This required careful installation of long plastic clips on the t-posts and smaller screw-in rubber covered hooks for the wooden posts. Ted also dug a hole and set a new post for the solar charger.

He worked super hard all day, even through pouring rain at one point.  He finally stopped when he lost the wire strippers and took a hot bath and ate, but once the rain finally let up to a sprinkle, he was in dry clothes and back out there to finish it.  He fenced the entire acre all by himself.

Bessie, curious as always, immediately touched the electric rope and zapped her nose. She touched it a second time and was zapped again.  That was all it took for her to learn not to touch the yellow rope. She’s a smart girl!


Of course, Ted ended his day by visiting Beef with a bucket of sweet feed as a treat.


                    Beef loves Ted!

It was a busy weekend on the farm (for Ted!)!  I’m so happy that this seems to have stopped them from getting loose all the time!

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