Peeps move out

I couldn’t stand it any longer: the peeps had to go! The dust in the bathroom was thick. They were starting to peck one another due to boredom and lack of space.

Sahara, Jake, and I moved the peeps to the new coop this afternoon after school. Jake manned the coop door because Puppers was more than a little too interested in these squeaking “toys”. Sahara and I traipsed back and forth, carrying several chicks each time, between the back door and the new coop.


They were a little afraid of their new digs at first and just huddled in the corner.

We gave them feed and fresh water, and Jake spread out fresh bedding for them. 


See the small red dish in the background? It didn’t work for water. They tipped it right over. This waterer in the foreground is fantastic and holds a good bit of water for them. I picked it up at Tractor Supply.

Then the peeps found a little piece of red plastic tape that blew in there and fought over it, chasing each other round and round until I caught the main culprit and confiscated the trash.

They’re going to love all that space to run and play!

If I can get the broody box for this new coop built this weekend, the new chicks that just started hatching will all go out there as well, and we will reclaim the bathroom for humankind – FOREVER!


See the dust on this little heater? My whole bathroom is covered in dust like this!!! YUCK!

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