We’re a real farm now!!!

Two huge things have happened here at the farm in the past couple of weeks.

First, we received notification that we are now an officially recognized farm in our county and state. That’s super exciting!  It opens up a lot of future possibilities for us.

Second, we hired a local Amish man to build a five strand high tensile wire fence for our cattle. This fence covers the entire three acres we cleared this spring, and it stretches sideways to connect into the existing paddock. That fenced area looks HUGE when standing smack in the middle of it!  It was the neatest thing ever, watching that post driver shove those posts down into the ground – one, Two, THREE, CRRRRAAAACK!!!! They were in there, and there they will stay until they rot (long after we’re gone from this world) or until we cut them down with a chainsaw.

There are no amazing pics of the fence going in because our Amish don’t allow their pictures to be taken due to religious objections.

I was explaining the fence to my sister over the phone, and she said, “Oh!!! You’re a REAL farm now then!”

I was laughing about that comment to one of my best friends, and she said, “That’s funny…I thought the same thing when you bought the tractor!”

They’re both funny. I thought the same thing when I bought the barn and land. 


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