Poor babies

I picked up another group of puppies from the pound this afternoon.  They are a litter of six Boxer/Doberman mix puppies. The dog warden made sure they were all bathed, had their parvo shot, and had a flea treatment before they came to me. She said their flea infestation was horrible; I know even after the treatment, I still saw a few stragglers crawling on them once I got them home.


I filled an area with fresh bedding for them and got them settled in. I can’t bring them in because I can’t get fleas in the house (then I couldn’t foster anymore because I’d give puppies fleas who would carry them to the rescue, and that would be awful!).


I am used to seeing fat roly-poly puppies. These are scrawny.  It’s so sad. I can see their little ribs jutting out through their saggy skin. I was worried they wouldn’t eat and would need goat milk, but instead, I saw the opposite:  there are food aggression issues with at least two of the smaller pups that we will need to address asap.  There are also sores all over all of the puppies. It could be from the constant digging and scratching at the flea bites. I’m not sure.

The thing that shocked me beyond belief though was the realization that the previous owners docked these puppies’ tails.   Who DOES that???


I would bet dollars to doughnuts that this was a home docking job because I can’t imagine anybody paying a vet to do it (do they even still DO it???) and then dumping the puppies at the pound. I am so angry that these puppies were forced to undergo such a barbaric practice that if I saw the owners on the street, I know I wouldn’t be able to contain myself and harsh words would be exchanged. As it is, I want to find them and rescue the mother dog herself; I can only imagine the squalor she’s living in right now based on the utterly devastating condition of these babies.

I guess it is better that I don’t know who dumped them at the pound. I honestly don’t know how the workers there keep it together when they see the complete disregard and lack of compassion for life that so many of these dumpers exhibit.


Hats off to you, ladies. You deserve an award!

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