A matter of weight


Dad found this sturdy little hauling trailer last fall and picked it up for us.  We’ve finally found a good reason to need it (it’s a secret – more on that next week!), but first, the trailer needs tags. We also need a pickup to pull it, but I’ll figure that out after bit.  I’ve always put the cart before the horse…or cow…or chicken…this time literally…

Anywho, back to the trailer.


The button on the scales was obviously built using a semi truck window as the measuring device for its height!

It has to have tags so I can drive it legally on the road. Dad took the trailer (and me!) to town Thursday evening to get it weighed because to get tags, you need a weight ticket from an official weigher  (I’m not making this up).


We went to the official scales that the semi trucks use nearby. Guess what? Our little trailer isn’t heavy enough to register on their scales!   No weight ticket for us…

Next stop: Calling the DMV tomorrow to find out what we’re supposed to do. Dad had a good idea in case they insist on that weight ticket.  I’ll post pics if it comes to that! 

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