Holy crap!!! What was that???

I was reading, Jake was building a Lego creation, Sahara was on her phone, and Ted was getting ready for bed Saturday night.  The dogs were outside having a potty break, and suddenly I heard this shriek, and they all went wild and flew off the porch, just carrying on something terrible.  By the time I got off the couch, the kids had run in and were yelling at me, and I flung the door open so all the dogs ran in except Puppers (because she thinks she’s the house protector).

The kids ran to get Ted, and I ran outside, thinking a pig was stuck in the electric fence, but I realized quickly that wasn’t it. I stood on the porch, just frozen and listening. It was the eeriest thing, listening to this, and it sounded like it was right on the other side of our fence (maybe 100 feet away from me).

I got Puppers and ran back inside, and I cracked the sliding glass doors to listen, and I heard a sharp crack (like a shot from a small gun), and it stopped.  It was dead silent.  Ted and I grabbed the lantern and ran out to check on our pigs (they were fine).  Then we heard a loud gunshot from over the hill, and dead silence again.

We’re sure it was a pack of coyotes.

Here’s what it sounded like.  It was just like this!

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