My next little project


I was stoked to find this beauty
on a local Facebook sale group for just $15.  I’ve had it in the back of my mind for months that I’d like to create a floating house and have ducks on our big pond. 

My idea involves an old doghouse, a pallet, and several plastic barrels, and all of it will be screwed and/or lashed together so the whole thing floats and is predator safe.  It doesn’t involve a lot of craftsmanship – so long as the little house is already put together.


Duck house inspiration via Google

That makes this little gem my February find!  It just needs a couple of pieces of metal roofing slapped on over the existing roof, and it needs a couple of coats of paint; then I’ll paint the farm name on it, and I’ll have it ready to go in March.  I’ll fish the snappers out of the old pond in April and get some ducklings from a close friend, and I’ll have ducks on the pond again!

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