Wild Bindi

I’m playing some serious catch-up on my blog because of all the testing I’ve had to do with students over the past month. I decided to just go back and start from the beginning with everything so you can catch up and be up to date, too!

About three weeks ago Ted decided to move everybody from the paddock into the small temporary pasture. We set up the electric fencing all the way around it just like we always do, and after church started the next morning, he meandered down the hill and ran a little electrical wire to make a pathway for the cattle to walk down part of the driveway to the little pasture. Now Bessie and Beef knew exactly what was going on, and they were so excited to get down there because the grass was about knee-high at that time. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that Bindi had absolutely no idea what was going on. 

He opened the paddock gate, and the two adult cattle started walking down the path. Bindi came out, looked at them, looked at him, and then made a break for it straight through the electrical line and straight up the hill toward the church. He ran up the hill and got me when he figured out that he couldn’t catch her by himself, and I threw tennis shoes on; we both took off running through the woods. We chased her all over the place for two hours! There was no catching her. She’s young and very full of energy, and we just are not either of those things anymore. Finally she wore herself out, and when she ran around the barn for the second time, Ted laid down the temporary fencing on that side which is several acres away from where she started, and she ran across it. He stood it right back up, and he plugged it in quickly. That was all it took. She was in there, and that was where she stayed for the rest of the day while her mama and papa enjoyed munching on fresh green grass. She finally found her way over to the paddock where she could see them, and she stood in the far corner and bellowed and bellowed to them all day long. At the time I was hoping I could wean her off of Bessie, but it became quickly apparent that was not going to happen because she was going to keep the neighbors up all night long.

The funniest part about all of this was that someone was late to church and pulled in the bottom of the driveway while all of this was going on. This little black car sat on our bridge, watching us for a little while, and finally it slowly backed out of the driveway and very slowly eased its way back down the road as they continued to watch us chasing the calf. At least they had a good excuse for why they missed church that week. LOL

There are no pictures of this grand adventure because it’s very hard to run through the woods and the briars and try to wrangle a calf with only one hand.  Just close your eyes though, and picture Bindi jumping around about 20 feet in front of us. Everytime we got close, she would run 20 more feet away. Now picture that for two hours, and you have a pretty good idea of what we had to do and what we looked like when we came out of the woods.

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