Time to get serious…

My Year of Martha is NOT working!  I have the best of intentions but always get sidetracked.  

With the school year winding down (my last day is June 15th!), I figured I need to buckle down and get serious about this so I ordered a subscription to Martha Stewart Living.  It came today!  YAY!


The first thing I noticed is that Martha has a calendar for her entire month with one or two things on it and sometimes exercise.  Just like the author of The Tao of Martha, I figure making a calendar and somewhat loosely following Martha’s as an example is a good idea. 

Tomorrow Martha is attending a charity garden event.  There’s nothing like that going on here, but I do need to weedeat my front flowerbed.  Sunday may be a little trickier:  Martha is going horseback riding and cleaning and oiling saddles.  I wonder if Bessie will let me ride her?

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