Hard worker

This man works harder than anybody else I know.  He works his job, and then he comes home and spends his free time doing all the things that need done on the farm.


Over Memorial Day weekend, he finished a bunch of projects. He spent Saturday fixing the bush hog and then mowing up here, down around the barn, and over at Gramma’s house. 


On Sunday, we went to a wedding and later that evening headed over to Rural King and picked up a pool for the kids and a few plants.  When we got home, he did some laundry.


Monday, he worked from the time he got up until it was dark outside.  His first project of the day was building a ramp for the trailer because we’d hoped to load the pigs up that evening (more about those pigs in tomorrow’s post). He did this all from scratch with repurposed materials, and the only new thing he purchased for it was one piece of chain for $14. 


When we first got married, Ted wasn’t a handy person (to be fair, I couldn’t cook!).  Over the years, he learned to do things, and over the past two years, his skill set has exploded. He’s built a pig palace, a cattle hoop house, run fencing, figured out electric fencing and chargers, installed a cattle water trough that Beef couldn’t budge, learned to drive a tractor, learned to change implements on the tractor, learned to fix all kinds of things around here, etc.  The list goes on and on (he says that YouTube is his friend LOL).


I’m so proud of my husband.  I couldn’t ask for a better one!

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