Big decision made

We stopped today to settle up with Ronnie for the winter hay and the side of beef we purchased from him, and out of the blue, he asked what we’re going to do with Beef. 

We’ve been discussing what to do for over a month, and we reached the decision that we were either selling Beef or Bindi because it makes no sense to run two herds (and that’s what we have to do to keep Beef from breeding with his daughter; he’s currently on three acres by hinself, separated from Bessie and Bindi by two thin strands of electric polyrope although they can all still touch noses). 

Ronnie offered to trade a heifer to  us for Beef, and he took us over to look at four of them.  One is a Charlois  (pronounced shar-lay) cross, and she’s about the same size as Bindi (but probably a little younger since beef breeds gain weight faster than dairy breeds).

The big decision was placed right in our laps.  Beef is going to Ronnie’s farm, and the little Charlois is coming here before mid-June.

Beef was a good addition here, but it’s time for him to move on to a bigger farm.  I hope he has many good years left ahead of him and sires many more calves.


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